Planting Churches and Kindling New Hopes

We build churches in the poorest regions of the world to reach out to lost souls and help build his kingdom there. We also rescue street children and feed hungry youth.

Building Churches

The hot climate of the southern part of the Sahara Desert creates harsh environment for people to live in. We build churches that provide shades, which would protect local people from the scorching heat and help them gather together to worship and grow as disciples. The church planting project is also a very effective means to reach the lost souls in Africa, as our church buildings naturally attract many local people to visit to use the new facilities and community services they offer.

Rescuing Children

Many countries in West Africa have been mired in abject poverty, which led many parents to abandon their children on the streets. Our missionary, Ms. Suh, has run a rescue center for these street children in desperate condition, raising them as her own children. The center provides expansive services, including medical care, housing, foods, 24-hour care, guardianship, and literacy education. These children find new hopes and dreams for the future as they begin living with their newfound mama who shows them genuine love.

Feeding Program

Although feeding program is not our top priority project, if our donors notify us that they want to designate their donations to this project, every dollar is spent to buy foods for hungry children. Whenever sufficient fund is collected, Ms. Suh distributes foods for over 200 local children. It usually becomes a big community festival, when local adults willingly join to serve meals to children in need.

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* You can restrict your contributions to any one the three projects. Please make sure to notify us for which particular purpose you want to designate your donation beforehand.